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Challenge 169 - Voting

[x] Vote for the three best icons, in order of preference.
[x] Do not vote for yourself and do not tell your friends (or anybody else) to vote for you.
[x] If you've entered, I would appreciate it if you voted as well. Thank you.

Hello all! So I majorly failed at reviving this place last summer :( I'm very sorry to all who participated, and all who were looking forward to this community being back. However, I'm going for it again! This time more permanently! So here's the long-awaited voting for Challenge 169 :)

1 2 3 4
5 6 7

Giving reasons to why you voted for each icon is optional. Many icon makers appreciate any feedback you may have on their work, but of course, it's entirely up to you =]

Your comment should look something like this:

First: # (Reason [Optional])
Second: # (Reason [Optional])
Third: # (Reason [Optional])


Link to Challenge 169.

Deadline: Monday, 21st March, 4.00pm/16.00 EST



( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
Mar. 18th, 2011 06:41 pm (UTC)
5, 1, 3
Mar. 18th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
First: # 4
Second: # 6
Third: # 1
Mar. 18th, 2011 07:53 pm (UTC)
diffentoy a long awaited voting.

First: # 1 (Reason its bright,looks like time went into it)
Second: # 5 (Reason: it eye catching with the with texture, it looks like clouds or an angels wings.)
Third: #2 (Reason: the crop is good and the hidden 'ghost' image is awsome)
Mar. 18th, 2011 09:24 pm (UTC)
First: #3
Second: #1
Third: #4
Mar. 18th, 2011 09:36 pm (UTC)
First : 03 second : 07 and third 06
Mar. 19th, 2011 12:19 am (UTC)
First: #1
Second: #3
Third: #7
Mar. 19th, 2011 03:36 am (UTC)
Mar. 19th, 2011 06:05 am (UTC)
5 It's the clearest, and I'm all about the clarity with my icons :D
2 So dramatic!
1 It's a good close-up and I like the background :D
( 8 comments — Leave a comment )