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Challenge 171: Death Scenes

[x] The Rules.
[x] You may enter up to 4/four icons.
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Challenge 171: Death Scenes

This weeks challenge is pretty simple - there are a few different films out there where Alan Rickman's character has died. This is a rather morbid theme, but the challenge is to make up to four icons of any of his characters dying and/or dead. I.e. if you do not see him dead, the moments leading up to his death qualify, but it has to be obvious that he's going to die.

Characters who die include: Judge Turpin; Hans Gruber; Sheriff Nottingham; Rasputin (there are more of course, and you can use any of them, just giving you guys an idea).

We all know Alan is rather amazing at pulling these scenes off -sniff-

I'll list some sources where you can find screencaps of Alan's movies, if you'd like me to add more links to the list let me know, I'm always happy to find new resources :D

Alan Rickman

If you have any questions please ask!

Entries: 00

Deadline: Thursday 28th July, 7.00pm/19.00 EST
The World Clock
Tags: challenges
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