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rickman_stills's Journal

Alan Rickman Stillness
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A still icontest dedicated to the British actor Alan Rickman.


Welcome to rickman_stills, an Alan Rickman icon contest for non-animated icons, hence the stillness.
It was created on April 17, 2005 by adb777 and is now run by neke and lunglock.

01. No animated icons.
02. Make sure your icon is 100x100 and 40kb or less.
03. Submit your entry in a comment on the challenge post, include the img src and the url.
04. Your submissions must remain anonymous. This means you cannot use the icon yourself or post it anywhere until the voting period is over.
05. Do not vote for yourself and do not tell your friends (or anybody else) to vote for you.

* voting
* new challenge
* winner(s)

Click here to see our affiliates or if you want to become one.

* lunglock

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